What's the difference between jelly and jam?

Jakob Hackett asked a question: What's the difference between jelly and jam?
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Jelly is made from fruit juice, which is usually extracted from cooked, crushed fruit… Next up we have jam, which is made from chopped or pureed fruit (rather than fruit juice) cooked down with sugar.

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Jam is made almost identically to jelly. The big difference between jam and jelly is that the larger chunks of fruit aren’t strained out when making jelly, but left in the mixture. This generally...

Any over handling or squeezing of the fruit pulp can make the jelly cloudy though it will still look good, isn't as pretty. Jelly can be used the same way as jam on toast and scones, but not as a base in tarts; it melts very quickly. Another good use for jelly is to sweeten and gloss up a sauce or gravy. Redcurrant is the one most often used.

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Unlike jelly, jam is not clear, and you may find fruit chunks or particles dispersed throughout ...

We don’t like to play favorites, but we really like jam. It’s the chunkier version of jelly, with more pieces of actual fruit in it and a slightly looser, spoonable texture. Here, chopped or pureed...

Jam or preserves will contain the richest portions of fruitiness, while a jelly’s flavor will be slightly bogged down by the gelatin. This is why preserves are often called for in cooking and baking, as they contain the largest amount of the fruit’s flavor in a mixable form.

Jam can be used on biscuits, toast, bagels, and pancakes to add a sweet burst of flavor. Here’s a few traits that make jam distinct from the other fruit spreads. Pectin is added to thicken the mixture. Contains fruit pulp or crushed fruit puree. Looser than jellies due to the fruit.

Generally, jelly contains no pieces of fruit, although specialty jellies, like pepper jelly, may include pieces of jalapeño or other pepper. Jam may contain crushed fruits or vegetable pulp. While in Jelly, the fruit portion comes as a juice, in Jam it comes as a pulp.

Since jam is made from crushed fruit or pulp, it tends to be chunkier (but not as chunky as preserves) and more flavorful, but less spreadable. On the other hand, jelly is only made from juice or syrup, so it's easy to spread but doesn't bring as much to the table in terms of flavor.

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