Which country does chocolate come from?

Minnie Fisher asked a question: Which country does chocolate come from?
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🥛 Which country does chocolate pudding come from?

from the UK

🥛 Which country does hot chocolate come from?

Hot chocolate is most likely to be situated in belgium considering all the best chocolate comes from there.

🥛 What country does chocolate come from?

boston it is correct

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Chocolate comes from Mexico, where the Aztecs made bitter hot chocolate. But then the Spanish came and took some cocoa with them, then added sugar, and made what we call chocolate.

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What country did chocolate come from?

Chocolate's 4,000-year history began in ancient Mesoamerica, present day Mexico. It's here that the first cacao plants were found. The Olmec, one of the earliest civilizations in Latin America, were the first to turn the cacao plant into chocolate.

Which country does fairtrade coffee come from?

Fair Trade comes from any plantation that qualifies, and there are some of these in most countries that produce coffee.

What country did chocolate cake come from?

i dont know but wherever it came from we should thank them chocolate cake IS GOOD!!!

Which country does fair trade coffee come from?

Fair trade coffee comes from some where in the world. (I have no idea that's why i wanted to know, then this came up so i typed what i thought!!!!)

Which country did jam come from?

The original source of jam or preserves is unknown.

From which european country does neuhaus chocolate originate?

Neuhaus chocolate is made in Belgium. Belgium has a long history as a leading manufacturer of chocolate and Belgian chocolates are often considered premium products.

What country did pretzels with chocolate come from?

id guess the USA

From which country di chocolate originate?

Well, Mexicans made hot chocolate, but Spain really invented chocloate as we know it today.

Which country did chocolate oragen from?

Chocolate originated from Mexico where the cacao tree originates from.

Does chocolate come from africa?

No. It mainly comes from South and Central America.

Does chocolate come from mexico?
  • Mexican food and chocolate are a match made in heaven but did you know that chocolate originated from Mexico and Mesoamerica. Chocolate is made from the cacao bean, whose Latin translation is “food of the gods”, has been cherished for centuries. The cacao tree, where chocolate comes from, was first used among the Mayans.
Does chocolate come from pigs?

No, chocolate does not come from pigs. Chocolate comes from the cocoa plant.

Were does chocolate come from?

coco beans - were u having a blonde moment your mum is having a baby

What does chocolate come from?

chocolate comes from cows and factories milf

From what country did the ingredients of chocolate come from?

chocolate comes from coco beans from Ghana

Does chocolate milk come from chocolate cows?

Chocolate milk is made from cow’s milk and flavouring or sweeteners. In other words, chocolate milk does not come from brown cows. According to The Sun, “despite nearly one-fifth of the American states having cattle populations that outstrip the human population and agriculture being one of the country’s biggest industries, Americans remain largely ignorant of where much of their food comes from.”

Does milk chocolate come from white chocolate?

No. Milk chocolate comes from blending cocoa, milk, cream, milk fats, cocoa nibs, sugar, and other ingredients. White chocolate is all cocoa butter and no cocoa powder.

What country does milk come from?

Answer (1 of 2): Milk comes from every country in the world.The white substance is high in proteins and fat, and is produced by the mammary glands of mammals all over the world.As far as the milk we consume in our coffee and breakfast cereals goes, this comes from cows.Cows can also be found in every country of the world.What country does milk come from? Any country that has milk-producing animals can claim to have milk but, in terms of cow milk, no country produces more than India.

Witch country does coffee come from?

Multiple countries around the world grow coffee beans. There are three major regions depending on flavor profile: Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Which plant does chocolate come form?

Chocolate is made from the seeds (beans) of the cacao tree.

Does chocolate milk come from a chocolate cow?


Does chocolate milk come from chocolate cows images?

Since 48% of people don't even know where chocolate milk comes from, let's address that question, too. All milk, chocolate or not, comes from cows of all varieties. The color of the cow has no...

Does all chocolate come from switzerland?

No, chocolate is made all around the world.

Does chocolate abuelita come from mexico?

Yes. Chocolate Abuelita originally started in Mexico since 1940 by Chocolates La Azteca. It was bought by Nestle and imported around the world in 1995.