Why does coffee talk need my data?

Noemie Swift asked a question: Why does coffee talk need my data?
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Unfortunately, despite the fact that Coffee Talk itself uses no personal data, UWP requires that data permission be given in order to save the game and register achievements, and they can't be chaned, even after Chorus consulted with the Xbox developer support team.


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🥛 Who created coffee talk?

Created by Indonesian indie game developer Toge Productions, Coffee Talk is a narrative game filled with “quiet conversations and good company,” which sounded cute two years ago when the 13-minute demo dropped, but today feels like an essential balm for these isolated times.

🥛 Is coffee talk on mobile?

Coffee Talk is a visual novel developed by Indonesian indie studio Toge Productions, and released on 29 January 2020 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

🥛 Will coffee talk be updated?

A new update is available for Coffee Talk. This update includes a number of bug fixes, and it also adds in Spanish language support. Fire up your Switch and grab the update now!

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logo community coffee espresso

Community Coffee Whole Bean Coffee.

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