Why is cake flour good for making cakes and cookies?

Hollie Kuhn asked a question: Why is cake flour good for making cakes and cookies?
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Making Cake-Like Cookies with Cake Flour

Just as the low gluten content will provide that pillowy, delicate texture in cakes, it will do much the same with cookies… Gluten is a necessary protein to help bind dough together.

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All-purpose flour is exactly what the name implies. It is flour that is milled in a way that it can be used for just about all purposes, whether that is cakes, cookies, donuts, breads, pastas, pizzas, or anything that requires flour as a base ingredient. Cake flour, by comparison, is milled specifically for the purposes of making an optimal cake.

Best Used For: Yeasted breads, pizza dough, and pastry doughs like puff pastry. But this flour can also be used to give more structure to your chocolate chip cookies.

If you use all-purpose flour, you will notice that your cakes and cupcakes will have more of an open crumb. In other words, there will be bigger pockets of air within the cake. They will also be a little more dense and chewy. I prefer the light, soft texture of cakes that have been baked with cake flour.

AP flour has a higher level of protein at 10-11%, compared to cake flour that has only 8 percent. When trying to achieve a cake-like texture in your cookies, the less gluten the better for a fluffier consistency.

Cake flour has less protein than all-purpose flour, so it does create more delicate textures. You can use it, but it might make some cookies a little crumbly since it doesn't give as much structure as the all-purpose. Learn about more Flour Substitutes or How to Work with Flours and Grains. Cookie Recipes to Try

(Ahem, when it's not whole wheat...) Cake flour isn't much different, but don't be fooled — it's not the same. Cake flour takes tenderness to the next level: With only about 5–8% protein content,...

Most bakeries will use either cake or pastry flour, but groceries stores usually only sell the combination of the two. This flour is best used for baked goods that do not need a lot of gluten to...

Cake flour in cookies?? l. LisaM. |. Nov 9, 2003 12:40 PM 9. I have a box of "Softasilk" cake flour that I bought for a special recipe, and that I'd like to use up. Can I use it in my toll-house cookie recipe, in place of the all-purpose flour called for on the chip bag? If so, will there be a change in texture, etc.? While I'm on the topic, I ...

Most cake flours are treated with chlorine bleach. Chlorine is much stronger than peroxides, and its interaction with all of the flour's components (starch, protein, fat) is still being researched. What we do know is that bleached flour is better able to form a matrix that can hold together a high-ratio cake. What's a "high-ratio" cake?

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