Why is milk so cheap at walmart?

Gino Ullrich asked a question: Why is milk so cheap at walmart?
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The real reason aldi's milk is so cheap

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The reason? Inexpensive milk draws more customers, according to Tony Sarsam, former CEO for dairy-industry giant Borden. "There are retailers who prefer to have really aggressively low prices on milk because it's a great way to get people in the stores," he told Fox Business.

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How is walmart making money by pricing below cost?

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I'll Reddit-ify this. Microcenter uses CPUs and motherboards as loss leaders, which is why they beat online prices. This helps you get in the store. Also Walmart isn't the cheapest with that anyhow. Go to Aldi if you want to see that for milk and eggs. There's a limit to milk there for a reason.

Being a dairy farmer is an utterly tough slog in the best of times. Now they have plenty more beef. Declining consumption, increased production and lower prices in the face of increased costs have ...

they say their animals are healthy and contented and that the company's organic milk is of the highest quality. Wal-Mart's buying power is certainly cutting the cost of its organic milk. An informal survey of organic milk at Denver area grocery stores found that Wal-Mart's label was 8 percent to 35 percent cheaper than other brands.

The first problem was that the gallon of milk was both $2.25 and 2 for $5.00 ($2.50 each)..at the same time. After contemplating this for a moment I decided I may not need an entire gallon of milk ...

Why is milk so cheap in Louisville Ky? Regional Grocery market-share price wars, National Dairy surplus, and proximity to dairy country seem to be easy reasons why the prices would be so insanely low in this area when compared to Florida/Alabama.. Why does Walmart milk taste so bad? Might be that it's been stored near something rotten (produce, garbage, whatever).

Waste too much money, I would have taken back to store but with the virus and me having 5 of the underlying conditions I had already taken my chances buying the milk in the store much less having to return it!

Great Value Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 Fl. Oz.

Enjoy the wholesome goodness of Great Value Whole Milk at any time. This Grade A quality milk is pasteurized and delivers fresh from the farm taste. This kitchen staple is great for using in cereal, to bake desserts and more. This gallon of milk is also wonderful for milkshakes, smoothies ...

While Amazon offers cheaper pricing on some items, such as foods offered through AmazonFresh, a 2018 analysis by Clark found that Walmart's products are about 34% lower priced than Amazon's.

James' Ordinary Guy Reviews undertook an investigation a few years back to see just why Aldi's milk is so much cheaper than milk sold by most other grocers. James first eliminated any suspicion that Aldi's milk is some kind of lower-grade product — it seems there is such a thing as "B"-grade milk, but it is only sold for use in cheese and other dairy products, not for drinking.

The Milk has not stopped spoiling a week before no matter where I buy it. This time I bought 2 and it end date is 06/27/21 it is spoiled at 06/17/21. I saw milk was spilled thru out the frigs at walmart and checked the caps. Most of the caps are loose. Thinking they are not sealing them properly i grabbed the tight caps milks. Still soured.

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