Why is my homemade jam too thick?

Cristopher Price asked a question: Why is my homemade jam too thick?
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overcooking, adding too much pectin, using too little sugar or too much under-ripe fruit in recipes where purchased pectin is not added (i.e., long-boil or no-pectin added recipes)…

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If jam is too thick I sometimes add extra water and reboil it for a few minutes, otherwise just cut it thinly like cheese and add to bread or toast anyway. If it has overcooked and started to go like toffee it sometimes becomes too bitter to enjoy any way at all and we put it in the chooks (hens) food bowl They will clean it up so it’s not completely wasted.

Being jam novices, we read a lot of websites and blog entries on how to do it. Many of them mentioned the trick of putting a plate in the freezer when you begin the process, then testing a drop of jam on it to see if the jam is firm enough. David Lebovitz lauds the tip in his tutorial on making cherry jam. Drip some jam onto the plate, nudge it, and if it wrinkles, it’s ready.

What To Do with Over-Sweet, Too-Thick Jam. I messed up a batch of strawberry jam, and it's very sweet and too thick. I don't want to waste it, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. One idea I have is to make a sandwich cookie and use the jam as filler.

I've overcooked jam more than a few times, and plum jam seems to thicken more quickly than others. Any overcooked jam can be revived by adding water (or fruit and sugar as amanda suggests). Just heat it all the way through--I've even dumped already processed jam into a pot with water, boiled it and re-processed it.

jam that's too stiff. > >I think over boiling is probably what I did wrong with the first batch. >But I'm confused a little -- see the chart below: > >Batch 1 -- Black Raspberry yield: 5 pints > Remarks: sloppy at measuring fruit & time > Results: Jam is too thick >Batch 2 -- Red Raspberry yield: 7 pints

Yes, they usually are easier to make, but set up too thick and gummy for me. And you don’t get that nice caramelized fruit flavor. I would recommend that you try again. Use the plate method to check for when the jam is ready (plate in freezer for a few minutes, drop jam onto plate, run finger through jam, if it stays separated it is done).

Why is my jam too thick? Fruits that are high in pectin such as apple, citrus fruits and pear will produce thick jams. The standard ratio in jam is equal measures of sugar to fruit. However, you may notice in recipes for jams made using high pectin fruits contain more sugar. This is to give the jam a better, less firm, consistency.

It is less likely that your jam would be too firm from overcooking after adding the pectin. Usually if you cook jam made with Pomona's for too long after adding the pectin, it will de-activate the pectin and you will get a poor jell. Strawberry-Vanilla Preserves from Preserving with Pomona's Pectin

I made jam for the first time recently (from fresh sour cherries) and I while I followed the ingredient proportions precisely, I must have cooked it too long because now that it's cooled it's too thick to spread. It tastes great, but is impractical to use.

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