You need some milk meaning?

Ora Cartwright asked a question: You need some milk meaning?
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  • What does you need some milk mean? “He needs some milk” is a mother or fathers reference to the plaintiff cry of their baby`s (not yet weaned) need for milk because it feels hungry as opposed to having wind and needing to be winded or soiled its diaper and want to feel comfortable and clean. What does milk mean in slang?

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The definition of you need some milk means to suck tits and/or have bigger tits nigga Alex said " you need some milk ." To luz then luz asked "what does that mean?"

He need some milk... Actual definition, When someone is acting psychotic on drugs, milk is sometimes the only known remedy to help them come down. Therefore: Guy goes crazy after using drugs and hurts himself due to lack of control ...." He need some milk ..." by ANTHILL2018 June 04, 2017.

Definition of you need some milk usually means something is wrong with the person, and milk helps that 😂 that is a funny expression

he need some milk meaning When somebody is hurt so bad, or something goes so wrong, that no other words can describe it.Origin: Vine When your bones so weak its clear you need some milk

On October 22nd, Urban Dictionary user Rohneous submitted an entry for "he needs some milk," defining it as an expression used in reaction to witnessing a violent accident. On December 23rd, Viner Bruh posted a clip of a man jumping out of a moving train followed by the "he needs some milk" audio clip (shown below, right).

milk (someone or something) dry. To take all or as much of something from a person, thing, or situation as possible. The company used to make all sorts of innovative games, but in the last few years they've just been milking their most popular franchise dry.

Some means 'a certain number of' or 'a certain amount of'. We don't use some if we are talking about something in general or thinking about it as a category. When we use some, we don't say the exact quantity, but we could probably find it out if we needed to. For example: Can you buy some milk?

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English (US) The full idiom is "Milk It For All It's Worth." Meaning: To take full advantage of a situation or condition. Examples: It’s his birthday today, and he’s milking it for all it’s worth: He’s having a party at work, another party with his family at home, and afterwards he’s going out with his friends.

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